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Official kyarakutapega tchi

Child "pegger tchi" of Pegasus based on an art museum logo color.
Because father of Pegasus which came up in a Greek myth was God Poseidon of the sea, and God Muses (the etymology of "the museum") of literary arts kept Pegasus, I chose you as a character appropriate for the Otsuka Museum of Art facing the sea.

◎Pegger tchi profile
The place that was bornThe blue sea of Naruto
Day of the moon super on June 23, 2013
SizeAround 20cm, hand paste size
(if I lengthen a wing around 40cm)
Favorite phrase"... myu" reaches the end of a word
HobbySee a painting. A walk.
Special abilityTry hard to make friends with anyone.
Copying (not so good) of the picture
DreamBe called a great painter sometime
Like itHaving you pat the head.
I am pleased to be glad with "hamyu"
The place where I live in
Exhibition room of the Otsuka Museum of Art
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