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Sit down without walking for a long time; and an appreciation "unhurried tour"

About the holding of the Gallery Presentations tour

"The unhurried tour" stops for extended prevention the new coronavirus infectious disease infection prevention for the time being.
I judge it carefully while seeing the future situation, and the latest information will tell you about the resumption in WEB site.
I hope that I have understanding.
March 18, 2020 12:00
It is the appreciation tour in the hall where customer, family and companion, all of use can enjoy a wheelchair, a stick in peace.
Characteristic of the unhurried tour
◆ It rotates in a course not to walk for a long time
◆ The work sits down and appreciates it
◆ It rotates at speed slowly
◆ I perform it by the number of people fewer than the normal highlight guidance tour
The work which rotates on a tour
① Sistine Hall
② Scrovegni Chapel
③ Outdoor display: Water Lilies (a work changes in the rainy day)
④ Leonardo da Vinci "Last Supper" (after before restoration and the restoration)
⑤ Seven "Sunflower" of Gogh
⑥ Guernica
<time> 12:30 - about 60 minutes
<capacity> 15 (it completely needs reservations)
<meeting> Sistine Hall (front left side bench)
<entrance fee> It is free, but Museum Admissions Fee is necessary
※The guidance only as for Japanese
※An application is an email or a call, and please let Otsuka Museum of Art know the ② participation number of people ③ representative full name by 17:00 on the day before on a ① hope day.
An email: telephone: 088-687-3737
※The reservation is possible in tour the same day if I do not reach the capacity. By the tour start time, please be reserved by the third-floor information under the ground.

I introduce a part of the guidance work!

 Scrovegni Chapel 
When one step sets foot, the world of the Bible that painter Giotto drew spreads out. Because we have a limit at appreciation time in the field, it is a special privilege of this museum that I sit on a sofa, and can appreciate it slowly.
 Leonardo da Vinci 
"Last Supper" 
I display it, and facing each other can appreciate after restoration if before restoration while comparing it.
Please feel result of the restoration.
 Seven "Sunflower" of Gogh
It is the first among the world! I reproduce seven points of "Sunflower" arranged in the vase which Gogh drew to actual size with Sue board. What all the people here can appreciate only in this museum. Please enjoy the reproduction of the fleshy touch.
  ※I use the personal information having you provide it for reservation duties of the Gallery Presentations. I may not contribute it to the third party except this museum duties trust point without obtaining the person's consent. But a case based on laws and ordinances is excluded.
[, about the privacy policy in this museum, please confirm an Otsuka Museum of Art privacy policy.] 
※I change it at the time of various Events holding and may stop.
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