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Instagram Photo Contest "#Art Cosplay Festival 2022" Application Rules

Otsuka Museum of Art(Hereinafter, "the hotel") "Instagram"Before applying for the photo contest "# Art Cosplay Festival 2022" (hereinafter referred to as "this photo contest"), please be sure to read the participation method and this agreement.Please note that the participants of this photo contest (hereinafter referred to as "participants") are deemed to have agreed to all of these terms.

Participation method

① "Narikiri Museum # Art Cosplay Festival 2022 A master of masterpieces wearing it!Otsuka Museum of ArtTaken at the experience booth
②Otsuka Museum of ArtOfficial iInstagram@otsukamuseum.
③ Post a photo taken with "#Art Cosplay Festival 2022"
※The contribution of the account secrecy is the outside targeted for application.
* When applying, be sure to follow the "Instagram" below. Photo Contest "# Art Cosplay Festival 2022" Application Rules "of the homepage by all means.

Instagram Photo Contest "#Art Cosplay Festival 2022" Application Rules

■ About application
  • The contribution of the account secrecy is the outside targeted for application
  • The photograph having you post it is limited to the thing that application permission was provided to the subject in the image
■ About correspondence after the application
  • About the application situation and the successful right or wrong, I cannot answer. Thank you for your understanding beforehand
  • About a contribution applied for, I may use it in this museum WEB site, SNS
  • When it applies to it below, I may cancel the application
(1) When application and a false mention that I pretend to be another person are accepted
(2) When the application by the unjust method is accepted
(3) When unjust application is recognized in the past when I have been
(4) When I judge that Other than that, this museum cannot consent to application
■ About election
  • Otsuka Museum of Art will inform an elected candidate by a direct message (following, "DM")
  • When it is judged that an elected candidate is in condition not to be able to receive DM after DM transmission when I do not get through within three days, I invalidate election
  • The shipment of the prize is limited to Japan. When it is of unknown an address change, the new address of the customer, and the receiving of products is not possible by absence, I may invalidate election
■ Other than that, instructions
  • About any loss, debt, damage, expense due to having participated in this photocontest or having been elected, statement of the Other than that, this museum does not take responsibility at all
  • I shall request the damage that the participant compensates it for the damage that I gave a third party by a burden and responsibility of the self when I damage a third party due to the participation in this photocontest or when I suffer damage from a third party or put on from a third party from the other party. This museum does not participate in these disputes at all and does not take responsibility
  • When you cause damage to this museum on the participation in this photocontest by a participant doing in violation of these terms or an illegal act, please compensate it for all damage that this museum put on
  • An application period and prize contents may be changed by unavoidable convenience of this museum
■About the interruption of this photocontest or cancellation
I stop this photocontest or may cancel it temporarily without notifying you beforehand when any of the following occurs.
  • When it is periodical or I urgently perform the maintenance of the system of this photocontest
  • When, by the malfunction of the system, the offer of this photocontest becomes impossible
  • When the offer of this photocontest becomes impossible by a fire, a blackout
  • When this photocontest offer becomes impossible by the natural disasters such as an earthquake, the tsunami
  • When, in Other than that, administration, I judge that interruption, the cancellation of this photocontest are necessary on a technique
Even if a delay, interruption, the cancellation of the offer of this photocontest occurred by the reason except the above-mentioned case, this museum shall not take responsibility for all about the damage that a participant caused by this or a third party put on

About successful announcement

・Submissions from 2022/7/20 (Wed) to 7/31 (Sun) - Announcement by mid-August 
・Submissions from 2022/8/1 (Mon) to 8/31 (Wed) - Announcement by mid-September
・Submissions from 2022/9/1 (Thurs) to 9/30 (Fri) - Announcement by mid-October
・Submissions from 2022/10/1 (Wed) to 10/31 (Sun) - Announcement by mid-November
・Submissions from 2022/11/1 (Tues) to 11/30 (Wed) - Announcement by mid-December
・Submissions from 2022/12/1 (Wed) to 12/4 (Sun) - Announcement by mid-December
※It is Museum Holidays on Monday. Museum Calendar After checking, please visit.
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