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The Renaissance painter Hieronymus Bosch Ofthe masterpiece 《The Garden of Earthly Delights》 which inspired this photospot now available.
About 100 species of thistles, amaryllis, queen of the night, etc. that total 1000 flowers, bright shades of color in addition to the art flower of strawberry,blackberry etc. are studded.
With a ball chair that resembles a sphere or egg shell in the picture, "Boss World"has been reproduced.

 Setting period  From Tuesday, 2022/4/5 to Sunday, 2023/4/2 
 Setting place  the 2nd floor of the basement renaissance entrance

Take a commemorative photo using the shooting stand  
Have wonderful memories ♪
Mysterious, fantastic picture
Hieronymus Bosch
《Garden of Delights》
1505-16 (Museo del Prado storehouse, Spain)

Hieronymus Bosch plays an active part at Leonardo da Vinci and the same period and is the painter whom Pieter Brueghel about 《Tower of Babel》 respected.
This work is a triptych (altarpiece consisting of 3 panels), and the central panel with both wings open is on the center panel, a wide variety of animals and plantsAlong with, innumerable men and women who do not have a single thread are variousA world of pleasure indulging in desireIs drawn.
Subtropical exoticAtmosphereIs thought to be influenced by the hearsay from Columbus' discovery of the new continent.Symbol of pleasureDrawn asstrawberryBecause it stands out"Strawberry painting"It is also called.

The photograph is in condition to have opened the both wings 
The left door) Garden of Eden center panel) Garden of Delights right door) hell

Both wings of 《Garden of Delights》 automatically open and close it in the Otsuka Museum of Art!

A strawberry and the blackberry which come up to a Bosch product 《Garden of Delights》 abundantly
The chef specially made original sweets whom I used.
When, between appreciation, I indulge in the pleasure of sweets?

Tuesday, 2022/4/5...
Fruitcake of the pleasure 
One piece of article 450 yen (drink set 900 yen)

The drink, please choose one kind from coffee, tea, iced coffee, iced tea

The 2F basement Café de Giverny
Business hours  10:30-16:00 (as for the sale of the food menu until 15:00)

※On a visit, please read 《approach for relief, security》of the homepage by all means.
※I change the Events by the situation and may stop.
※The price is all tax-included.
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