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A painter, Botticelli symbolizing the golden age of Italy Florence are nokatsu with a masterpiece of the nokatsu panel world of "La Primavera" "world of masterpiece which they drew! @Otsuka Museum of Art"debuts. Seven different places are in the picture which I displayed from side to side. I activate brain by search for mistake happily!

[setting period] From Friday, 2022/4/1 to Wednesday, 2022/8/31
[setting place] Information neighborhood under the ground on the 3rd floor

After having challenged it, I appreciate full-scale Ceramic Art Board in detail
Botticelli "La Primavera" Uffizi Gallery possession (Italy)
The masterpiece which represents the renaissance about mythical gods gathering led by love and symbol Venus of the abundant harvest in the spring forest. As for the theory which was described for the purpose of celebrating marriage of the Medicis that this work gained power as a politician, a banker in Florence at the time. Orange blossom said that a bride displayed it to the hair in Western old manners and customs blooms on the head of gods, and, in the step, the flowers of about 40 kinds of 500 having flower language to mean marriage and love are in full glory.

Just like Uffizi Gallery local in this museum
I can appreciate "Birth of Venus" considered to be "La Primavera" and anti-(pair) in the same exhibition room.
B2F, exhibition room 30

Sandro Botticelli (1444/45-1510)
The Botticelli which was made in the house of the craftsman of Italy Florence. After having acquired ascetic practices in a studio of the Verrocchio which dealt with painter firippo and a sculpture, a building, a picture, I am in my mid-twenties and am independent. I won popularity with a delicate, elegant style of painting, and it was the favorite painter of a Lorenzo gorgeousness king of the Medicis and stepped forward to gorgeous the first step.

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