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A museum shop original new product appearance!

\Small happiness of mouthful size/
 Sunflower wasanbon -From Gogh with love a bouquet of the Sunflower-

The wasanbon which did the Sunflower which Gogh continued drawing as a symbol of the sun and the light in a motif renews it and debuts! It is a traditional candy of East Shikoku where refined sweetness spreads easily when I take it in a mouth. You can have it deliciously even if you put it in coffee and tea.

●Sunflower wasanbon 790 yen (tax-included) 9 pieces
Gogh and Sunflower 
It is 4 pieces, the repeated cultivation consisting of 3 pieces described afterwards first that "the Sunflower" described the popular name which is going to do cohabitation with Gauguin to respect to decorate the atelier of "the yellow house" before Gauguin comes. For Gogh, the flower of the Sunflower is the sun and a symbol of the light, and it is reliable to have been the existence that is higher than a simple flower. It was the short painter life called 10 years, but, as "a painter of the Sunflower", the work is loved by many people.

In this museum, I can appreciate "the Sunflower" which entered 7 pieces of vases scattering in all parts of the world including a personal storehouse and a work destroyed by fire in one place. As for the direction of the original fragrance "morning of Arles" when I further imaged "Seven Series Sunflowers."
\I kept you waiting/
Official character "pegger tchi" series birth!

Child "pegger tchi" of Pegasus based on an art museum logo color. Because father of Pegasus which came up in a Greek myth was God Poseidon of the sea, and God Muses (the etymology of "the museum") of literary arts kept Pegasus, I was born as a character appropriate for the Otsuka Museum of Art facing the sea in 2013.
"There should be pegger tchino goods!", in response to the voice of the customer, it is the appearance of long-awaited new goods☆
From the left)
Handkerchief with the name tag (all 2 designs) for each 550 yen
 "# art costume play" "starlit sky"
●Rainbow memo pad (50 sheets/2 designs*25 pieces) 330 yen
●#Art costume play clear file 330 yen
●#Art costume play pin badge (all 3 designs) for each 600 yen
 "Young Piper" "Etoile" "Girl with a Pearl Earring"
●#Art costume play charm ball-point pen "Girl with a Pearl Earring" 440 yen
※The price is all tax-included
It is "art costume play" pegger tchi to do in Manet "Young Piper"
\attention point/
In a clear file, there are # art costume play "pegger tchiga 12 kinds dressed like the character of the masterpiece. Is it revealed what masterpiece you make an art costume play in? In the backside of the file clear as for the answer☆
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