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Two days-limited winter miniprogram

※The Events was finished

I produce all the Ceramic Art Board of the Otsuka Museum of Art by the Otsuka omi Sue work in Shiga Shigaraki.
The Otsuka omi Sue work staff who actually proceeded to the Italy Scrovegni Chapel registered as a world heritage this time in this July, and was engaged in Sue board production,
I introduce charm and how to make Sue boards, a state at the time of the production!

[schedule] Saturday, December 11, 2021, 12th Sunday
[time] 10:30/14:00 (each time about 15 minutes)
[place] Centre Hall under the ground on the third floor

※The application is unnecessary
※It may limit participation by the situation
※The participation is free, but Museum Admissions Fee is necessary

※On a visit, please read << approach of relief, the security >> of the homepage by all means
※I change the Events by the situation and may stop

▲The Scrovegni Chapel which every local space circle reproduced to actual size with Sue board using a high special technique
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