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The Otsuka Museum of Art greeted Cruise concierge Hiroko Kato (tour station board member) on last Sunday, October 31, 2021, and special talk show held and "I visit the Seine river cruise ground related to the Impressionists to dream" of. The same day had you participate in 40 customers after having taken new coronavirus infection prophylaxis enough.

Kato that a plan and a reservation of the overall home and abroad trip are dealt with, and the qualification of the Cruise consultant is acquired, and the conducting tour duties on the ship are performed. I had you tell about charm of experiences and Seine Cruise of the past conducting tour with the scenery of the port of call, the photograph including the state in the Cruise ship to take a trip to the ground related to the painters of the Impressionists which scattered along the Seine in this talk show from Paris to the Normandy district of north France.

In addition, Fujita of this museum staff commented on a work of Monet and Renoir and had a customer enjoy the negotiations with Kato.

I had you have tradition cake "tart Tatung Co." which a chef of this museum baked carefully of France while listening to French composer, music of Debussy prior to a talk show start.

Talk show start

From the right Hiroko Kato (tour station board member), Motoki Fujita (department of Otsuka Museum of Art arts and sciences)
Scenery of the Seine
[before the river Cruise start on a voyage]

"Dusk in getting on a Seine riba-kuruzu ship to depart from relaxedly while looking at the Eiffel Tower." Kato who has begun to talk about this for a trip to begin from now on. I had a recommended spot of Montmartre located in the northern part of Paris that wanted to drop in before boarding and the stage of the work and the place where it was tell.
Montmartre that is located in the northern part of Paris
To a topic of the well-established restaurant "Ball at the Moulin de la Galette, Montmartre" which is in good health now.
Renoir product "Ball at the Moulin de la Galette, Montmartre" (Musée d'Orsay possession)
Fujita of this museum explains a work saying "I can know the turnout at the time with the painter of the Impressionists which are also called painter of the happiness, a work of Renoir".
River Cruise ship to navigate relaxedly
[river Cruise sails from Paris]

"I will go on board soon. Kato told six charm of river Cruise saying the style of the trip to enjoy scenery to change by Cruise ship like my family who totally lived so long relaxedly is river Cruise.

◇Six charm of Reber Cruise◇
・As it does not shake, I do not get drunk.
・As every hotel works, I take my ease to a body. Unpacking, the packing is OK only once, too.
・Outside the window, it is scenery full of nature and a feeling of life.
・I get it off and see the sights of the riverside historic town and village every day.
・The port in a town. The getting on and off is instant, too, and the town walk is easy, too.
・There is no curious dress code, too.
Dinner in the river Cruise ship
Kato introduces, "a chef goes to the market at the visited port of call, and putting all the skill, and a shopping expedition provides seasonal meat or a fish, fresh vegetables." about a meal expense and the menu constitution in the river Cruise ship in detail. I collected the interest of the venue.
Garden of Monet of Giverny
The Cruise ship who left Paris to port of call rezandori. Saying "there are a house and the garden where painter Claude Monet of the Impressionists spent later years, and a seasonal flower blooms in village, Giverny filled with greenery in the garden."; Kato.
Monet product ": harmony of the green a water lily" (Musée d'Orsay possession)
Fujita of this museum is a commentary in completing the repeated cultivation more than 200 points in a motif with the water lily which Monet brought up. The customer was surprised.
Scenery of Seine Valley Rouen
As for Kato, "the next port of call of rezandori is Seine Valley Rouen. I said, "town itself is named an art museum" about a history of old city and Rouen. As for the customer charmed by a beautiful photograph.
The Monet product "impression, sunrise" (Musee Marmottan Monet possession)
To a story of le avuru which the talk show is finally coming to an end, and is known as the Impressionists birthplace at the last port of call. As for Kato, it was said the experiences, "I can right meet scenery to hark back to << impression, the sunrise >> of Monet when Chaoyang looked at the state to rise in a port of le avuru.".
Afterwards, Kato introduces a state of port town onfururu of the opposite bank. I regretted the passenger and sailors who spent time together while soaking itself in the lingering sound of many memories and parting and talked about it being leaving a ship.

It is ... last than ... Hiroko Kato
"I taste non-daily life with the trip and satisfy a sporting blood and a feeling of happiness, and improvement of the knowledge gives every positive effect. The day when a trip comes to be possible freely as before will surely visit it if it passes a little more. I go in the described place after you saw the picture of the painters of the connection in Otsuka Museum of Art in the occasion and sincerely expect that by appreciating a real picture, can say that several times was more fun than a past trip."

It was finished in the capacity 40 crowdedness, the large prosperity.
I had you spend a time to dream when you got on a river Cruise ship for an elegant feeling.

Cruise concierge Yuuko Kato he profile

After experiencing the ANA ground staff, a board member takes office in tour station entering a company, 2005 in 2003. It deals with a plan and a reservation of the overall domestic and foreign trips and acquires the qualification of the Cruise consultant and performs the general arrangement and plan of the Cruise product, the conducting tour duties on the ship.

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