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          Scull guide
I obtain a scull guide,
With the help of a hint visiting the halls,
Five masterpieces which a scull was drawn

[guide acquisition place] Information neighborhood under the ground on the third floor
[entrance fee] Free (Museum Admissions Fee required)
Canned scull badge season 2 (image)

  100 people the first in every day  

I write in Opus of five sculls of the guide publication,
To every day first arrival 100 people who answered it correctly as proof of the scull hunter authorization
I present a canned specially made scull badge (article not for sale)!

[can badge receipt place] The third-floor information under the ground 
※Only the first 100 people, participation the same day are effective in every day

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Scull (skeleton) which is drawn on the West masterpiece
With jinseikun "memento mori" (memorize death) which I do not need to be afraid of * () rukotomomata in vain, a message to live is loaded now with if I live without forgetting death to the scull which has been drawn on the Western masterpiece as a symbol of "the death" repeatedly from the ancient times.

I pay attention to the cover of the scull guide!
A hourglass and a candle, the flower which scull hunters hold in a hand are symbols described in well with a scull. These express mutable “ of “ world and suggest time and the life, vanity of the beauty each.
-- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I enjoy it with scull hunting
Taking a ceremonial photograph spot
You are a scull hunter from today, too!

The tapestry that scull hunters assembled in full force comes up in a hall!
Let's take a ceremonial photograph with hunters if we obtain a scull badge wonderfully.

[place] Information neighborhood under the ground on the third floor
As for those sweets again…
 30 from Friday, October 22 to Tuesday, November 30 1st-limited 
<< sukarumaritottsuo >> 500 yen (tax-included)

The butter which a chef of this museum baked carefully is fragrant
With the chocolate cookie cream which is plentiful to brioche cloth softly
Scull chocolate of the strawberry taste!
See it, and is fun, taste it, and have eat of the delicious scull sweets!

The second-floor Café de Giverny under the ground
※On a visit, please read << approach for relief, security >> of the homepage by all means
※Both events remove Museum Holidays
※I change the Events by the situation and may stop
※The price is all tax-included

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