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Naruto Park, Naruto-cho,
Naruto-shi, Tokushima 772-0053

Original Museum Goods

What is the Museum Goods Project?

We offer items inspired by Masterpieces which will make your everyday life more enjoyable. Uniquely designed merchandise is originally made for Otsuka Museum museum shop.

OMGP Original Goods

OMGP Original Goods
Flake Stickers of Masterpieses
Packages of 28 pieces (4each for 7 patterns)
346 yen (including consumption tax)
Ballpoint Pens        3 designs
“Roses of Venus” / “Mona Lisa” / “The Last Supper”
432 yen each (including consumption tax)
Red and White Hand Towels with "Screem"  2 patterns
White / Red
810 yen each (including consumption tax)
Scrovegni Chapel Star Shaped Candy
518 yen (including consumption tax)
Original Masking Tape
6 designs   Roses, the flowers of love from “The Birth of Venus” / Mille-fleur from “A mon seul désir (My One Desire)” / 3 colors of illustrations from famous paintings / Pegacchi
432 yen (including consumption tax)
Venus Towel Handkerchief
1,296 yen (including consumption tax)
StickyNotes of Masterpieces
2 designs “The Scream” by Munch / “The Last Supper”
432 yen (including consumption tax)
File Folder “Sunflowers”
324 yen (including consumption tax)
File Folder, “Maja”
Front: “Maja” clothesd / Inside: “Nude Maja”
324 yen (including consumption tax)
Letter Paper
4 designs
“Scrovegni Chapel” / ” Water Lilies: Green Harmony” / ” The Skiff” / “Sunflowers”
432 yen each (including consumption tax)
Face Blotting Paper
5 designs    
“Sunflowers” / “Woman with a Parasol“ / “The Kiss“ / ”The Birth of Venus” / “Las Meninas”
324 yen each (including consumption tax)
File Folders
2 designs  “The Last Supper” / “Scrovegni Chapel”
324 yen each (including consumption tax)
File Folder, Museum Logo Design
324 yen (including consumption tax)
Postcard Set (8 postcards)
3 kinds  Popular Artist Set / Modern Artwork Set / Museum Highlight Set
756 yen each (including consumption tax)
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